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Yelling from the Rooftops

The Willcox and Gibbs Company was never shy in singing its own praises, but often the advertising executives for what was one of the biggest accounts in America tried a little up-market promotion as shown in this poem, unearthed by member Bernard Williams. It dates from around 1865.

"If one thread will do,
Why bother with two,
To break, to confuse, and to tangle?
There is not a sound
When my looper goes round,
No shuttles or bobbins to jangle.

I am quick, yet I make
Not a single mistake,
You have only to keep me agoing.
And I never will shirk
The least bit of your work.
But do all the family sewing.

And by all 'tis confest,
Who have tried, that I best
Can fine robes for dear baby prepare;
While the boisterous boy
Will fail to destroy
My work with the roughest of Wear.

And when the fair maid
Is for bridal arrayed
I make with the neatest of seams,
The elegant trousseau,
That gratifies you so,

And fills the fond lover with dreams!

Copyright Graham Forsdyke ISMACS