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Singer sewing machine decal sets:

"Painted" Floral variants

There were many. Here is a selection, mostly from the very early 1890s, one of which may have been this 1884 design for the IF (Improved Family).Squire drawing

The IF wasn't produced in quantity until 1887 and is known to have suffered initial production problems.There are .pdf downloads of the original Design Registrations (like Patents) for two ornamentation sets: George A. Squire's 1884 IF floral design and a set featuring sprays of forget-me-nots with "... slender tendrils,various flowers and buds..." by Ewald Hähnel (1883). Hähnel was a free-lance designer who supplied decal sets for Singer, Minnesota, Davis, New Home and others.My identification of some flowers may be not be accurate. daisies

Roses and daisies (Compositae) (VS3/28)


Cistus(?), dog rose and cornflowers (VS3/28)


Same cistus(?), orange blossom(?), primroses, possibly cornflowers, etc. (VS3/28 - arm detail).


Red and cream roses, daisies, forget-me-nots, etc. (VS2 - arm detail)

red roses rear

Red and cream roses, daisies, forget-me-nots, etc. (VS2- rear).

red, peach roses, daisies and forget-me-nots

Same design with red and white roses (possibly cistus), daisies - but no forget-me-nots (VS2)

white roses daisies

Pink and white roses, daisies, ferns and sprigs of blue flowers (VS3/28 - arm detail)

IF electric flowers

Potentilla(?) on a rare electric "Improved Family" (c. 1889/90). Presumably made for export, it is marked "American made" in French.

IF daisies

Daisies and leaves (IF)

more roses

Roses, foliage and....? (IF c.1890)

coloured roses 28

Coloured roses, daisies and logo in "Germanic" type (28).

(Copyright photos courtesy of West Dunbartonshire Libraries and Museums and ISMACS News)