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Machine No. 87-1 for Embroidery

Singer Model 87 Embroidery Sewing Machine

 (Picture and Text Courtesy of Dorothy Brumleve)

Shown on Stand No. 25370 and Table 5439

For Embroidering Initials, Monograms, Crests, Labels, Floral Designs and figures in overcast or other embroidery stitches, the regular "round-bobbin" Singer machine for family sewing has been fitted with a "pantograph" attachment, the whole outfit costing $48.00 [in 1914].

The fabric is fastened in a hoop attached to a pantograph frame, by means of which both fabric and hoop are moved under the needle in any direction, following the pattern stitch by stitch, and in exact proportion, under the tracing point of the pantograph.

In using this machine, the operator sits at the table and moves the tracing point of the pantograph so that it follows the lines of the pattern. This causes a corresponding movement of the work in the hoop. As the pattern is from three to eight times the size of the finished work, it is easy for the operator to follow it closely with the tracing point.