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Sewing Machine Needle Cross-Reference Charts

The data in this chart is organized by flat shank needles first and then by round shank needles. Each group of needles is further sorted by shank diameter, and then length to top of eye, and then finally by length to point (overall length). Each row contains data for a single needle. The columns following the measurements are needle system identifiers for the needle in that row, for various manufacturers. I have also included current manufacturers such as Schmetz, Groz-Beckert (GB) and Organ. Some needles may have multiple system identifiers. The GB data also included the catalogue identifier because I had that data and it spells out details about the needle. There is a color key at the bottom of the chart which describes what the background colors signify. If I do not have the overall needle length for a needle I have left that field blank. There are many needles in the round shank section which are listed there because I happen to get my hands on some of them so I included them.

I have tried to double and triple check the information listed here, but please use this at your own risk. The main purpose for this data is to help you identify needles you may have, and to also help try and locate an alternative needle which might be able to be used for one that is no longer available.

The measurements provided here are only meant as a starting point, there many additional things that need to be considered when finding a replacement needle besides just the measurements. Feel free to use this and share this data. I want to thank Tim Traylor for all of the initial needle measurements he provided me. Countless other folks have also helped me in this work. This is still a work in progress so please check back every once in a while for updates.

Needle Reference Chart

Thank you all.
Kevin Pinkerton, [email protected]