Elna 1

Elna 1
1940 - 1952
Colour of the machine


Accessory box

green, installed behind the free arm, rectangular

Carrying case

black or dark green

Stitch Length

lever on free arm


on front plate at the left hand

Speed control

knee lever

Machine drive

with belt on the right hand side, gear speed reducer (accessory)

Vintage Sewing Machine
Circa 1950
Central Bobbin.
"The quality Swiss sewing machine
that greatly influenced competitors' products."

Close-up of the Attachment box for the
"Grasshopper" showing how it
tucks under the arm of the machine.

Elna Postcard showing the "Grasshopper" in use.

The front view of the "Grasshopper

(Pictures provided to ISMACS Courtesy of Sylvia Lanza)

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