Singer Buttonholers

More on Singer Buttonholers - an ISMACS News Article by Charlene Phillips

Go to the Singer Manuals page if you need a buttonholer manual.

Check out the template page for pictures of Singer Templates and boxes for the later model Buttonholers.

Singer Old-Style Buttonholer, uses no templates, low shank shown. Part Number 121795 Complete. Buttonholer itself is part number 121908.

Old Style Singer Buttonholer 121795

Singer, uses templates, slant shank version shown, found in "treasure chest" type case. Part Number 160743 Complete. Low shank version is Part Number 160506 Complete.

Vintage Sewing Machine


Singer, newer style, uses same templates as above, low shank version shown, found in the "Jetson" case.  Click here for color pictures and descriptions.

Vintage Sewing Machine


Singer, even newer, uses a larger style template than the others listed here, loads from top, slant shank shown.

Vintage Sewing Machine

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