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A set of 16 trade cards featuring water colours of native American song birds. The copyright dates range from 1898-1922 and it is likely these were issued soon afterwards.

On the reverse of each card, dominating the token acknowledgement of the depicted bird, is the advertising which announces highlights from the current catalogue: the electric 101-2 ("concealed in a useful table"); 24-60, 24-62, 66-6, 99-13, 128-13, an add-on electric motor (800 stitches per minute), needle threader, the newly introduced Singerlight and the offer of their in-store picot edge and hemstitching service.

On separate cards, Singer cheekily marketed the 20 to both children and stylish women "it can be easily packed in a lady's travelling bag or suitcase and is therefore handy when travelling…".

And who hasn't felt that urge to pull out a sewing machine on a long train journey?

John Langdon

Cards loaned by Phillipa Wall

woodthrush_small.jpg thesingerno1012_small.jpg
orchardoriole_small.jpg thesingerno2460withelectricmotor_small.jpg
housewren_small.jpg usethesingersewingmotor_small.jpg
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