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The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour

Probably New York’s most recognisable monument is the Statue of Liberty, given by the French people for the American Centennial.

The statue was not completed until 12 years after the Centennial.

Here is a Singer trade card of the Bartholdi Statue (as it was then known) before it was completed.

And why should Singer cash in on the act? Well, Isabella Singer, Isaac’s widow, was the artist Bartholdi’s model for the statue.

~Martin Gregory

Singer's Connection to Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty

Text from the card reads:

This Colossal Statue, a gift from the People of France to the People of America, will be erected on Bedloe's Island, New York Harbor.

The following are its dimensions: From heal to top of head, 111 feet; length of index finger, 8 feet; width of eye, 2 feet; length of nose 3 5/8 feet; total height of figure, 151 feet; height of figure and pedestal, 329 feet above low water. Forty persons can stand at one time within the head, and twelve persons in the torch. Cost of Statue, $250,000; of Pedestal, $250,000, $500,000.

But if the Women of the world were to build a monument to commemorate that which had afforded them the greatest liberty, and given them the most time for enlightening their minds and those of their children, they would build one to the SEWING MACHINE, which has released the Mothers of the Rase from countless hours of weary drudgery, and has in the truest and best sense been quietly but steadily Enlightening the World.

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