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No. 23 and No. 24 Open Side Cabinets

15-30's, 66-1's, 115-1's and 127-3

These Cabinets are beautiful articles of furniture and handsomely finished, presenting, when closed, no suggestion of a machine. One half of the left side of the open side cabinet is a part of and opens with the door, making comfortable room for the operator.

Singer Open Side Cabinets 23 and 24

This cabinet is very compact, graceful in design and completely conceals the machine when not in use.  It opens wide, affording good ventilation, and has conveniently located drawers of ample capacity.

Singer Open Side Cabinet 23

Singer Open Side Cabinet No. 23 (plain)
(Photo courtesy of Dorothy Brumleve)

Singer Open Side Cabinet 24

Singer Open Side Cabinet No. 24 (embossed)
(Picture courtesy of Dorothy Brumleve)