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General Singer Attachments

Singer Sewing Machine General Purpose Foot

Singer General Purpose Foot

a zigzag presser foot; slant shank shown.

Singer Sewing Machine Hemming Foot

Singer Adjustable Hemming Foot

used to make varying size hems.

Singer Sewing Machine Button-sewing Foot

Singer Button Sewing Foot

used to sew on buttons on zigzag machines; slant shank shown; also made in a low shank version.

Singer Sewing Machine Special Purpose Foot

Singer Special Purpose Foot

a zigzag presser foot; designed for satin stitching; allows for use of filler cord.

Singer Sewing Machine Darner

Singer Darner

for smaller things like socks.

Singer Sewing Machine Gathering Foot

Singer Gathering Foot

used to make evenly spaced gathers; slant shank version shown; also made in low shank.