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Singer sewing machine decal set:

"Ottoman Carnations"

There are various, distinctly different versions of this design to suit a variety of machines; all designed by George Alfred Squire of Bayonne, NJ, c.1884.Links to the original design registrations are below. Thye refer to patent-like declarations with a 'D'' prefix.High arm family ottoman carnations

Singer "High Arm Family" (1885/6). Few of these were made and it was in production for less than two years. The machine was virtually a larger class 12 transverse shuttle in a high arm casting. Squire's original design registration (patent) for the similarly dimensioned Improved Family is here(.pdf file).

ottoman carnations

12K (1899), towards the end of class 12 production.Squire's original 1884 design registration (patent) for the class 12 'Ottoman Carnations' is here (.pdf file). He describes it as "... a main flower resembling a dianthus (carnation), and a smaller flower resembling a buttercup, and interlaced stems bearing buds and slender pointed leaves". Ottomans don't get a mention. And definitely no peacock tails. Nonetheless, it's an intriguing mix of Islamic and figurative styles. The 'buttercups' can be seen on the belt cover but most of the 'buds' seem to have blossomed into forget-me-nots.ottoman carnations

12K (1899) detail.

12K (1899) detail.

Class 48. It is believed that all 48K machines had the Ottoman Carnations decal set.Except these, of course....48K odd decal

ottoman carnations 28K

Class 28 (serial #K369634)

ottoman 28K

Class 28 (rear).John Langdon2012

(Copyright photos courtesy of Lee King, Martin Gregory, John Langdon and ISMACS News)