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Singer sewing machine decal set:

48K 'Oddities'

It is generally believed that the Singer 48K used only the "Ottoman Carnations" decals.However, this example (from the Clydebank factory) shows there was at least one other. The machine has clearly been used.48K variant2

(48K) The decals have hints of Rococo and Victorian styles.

48K Oddities

48K (rear)

48K odd version

48K (face-plate)

These are unassembled castings from Clydebank. They are decorated partly with adapted elements from existing decals, with some anomolous designs.No explanation is offered for these 'samples' - prototypes? Experiment? An apprentice with too much time on his hands...? Who knows?48k variant

48K Scrolls and Roses variant on an unassembled casting.

The Clydebank Singer collection has several more examples of strandgely decorated 48K machines:48K blue

48K - blue version with 'Rococo'/Puginesque transfers.48K blue 2

48K - another blue version with traditional leafy ornamentation.

blue 48K

48K - face-plate

48K red 2

48K - in red. Bed centre motif similar to Acanthus Leaves48K red read

 48K red

48K - rear and face-plate.

(Copyright photos courtesy of West Dunbartonshire Libraries and Museums and ISMACS News)