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Oiling the Stand

Oiling a Jones Sewing Machine

Oiling the Stand

IF THE MACHINE OR THE STAND RUNS HEAVY after standing, use PARAFFIN OIL, run the machine at a quick speed for a few minutes, then clean the Paraffin Oil off, and oil the machine with GOOD SPERM OIL.

The balls in the ball-bearing stand should be kept clean and free from dirt, so that they will work freely.  This can be done by occasionally cleaning them with paraffin.

Oil the Ball bearings at both ends of the fly wheel Crank Centres; oil Pitman top and bottom' oil the centers of each side of Treadle Plate.

Do not have the Belt too tight, it makes the Machine run heavy.  If the belt becomes too slack, cut a little off the end.


Disconnect the Balance Wheel by turning the small Catch Plate out of the Notch or Slot that is in the Balance Wheel.

Place the feet lightly upon the Treadle, then turn towards you the Balance Wheel on the top of the machine, allowing the feet to move freely with the motion thus given.  Continue this action by pressing with the heel and toe alternately, until a regular movement is required.

Make yourself thoroughly familiar with the treadle motion before attempting to use the machine and take particular notice that the Balance Wheel must turn towards you.