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Top Special

1974 - 1977

Elna TSP
1974 - 1977
(Top Special)
(Star Series)
Colour of the machine white/ivory, top cover: ocre
Accessory box grey, installed under free arm
Carrying case blue, metallic
Knobs stitch length and tension knobs: grey with aluminum plate
stitch width knob: square, white
Bobbin winder at the right of the top cover, automatic stop
Needle plate dull
Bobbin extractor with spring
Thread take-up lever closed (open as from 1975)
Speed control electronic foot control (2 speed range +/-)
Stitches 7 automatic
7 super automatic (of which, 2 are embroidery stitches) selection dial protruding from the upper cover
Buttonhole automatic, sequences modified by stitch width knob, 5 steps and pull-up of the knob protruding the upper cover